Strong Man Competition

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Committee Member in Charge:  Rhonda Wolfe (859) 472-5139


Teens sponsored by Wyatt’s Super Valu.
Mens sponsored by DeBra-Kuempel.
Womens sponsored by Pendleton County Extension Homemakers.
Masters (age 50 and over) sponsored by Mt. Auburn Homemakers Club.
Overall Winners sponsored by Total Care Pharmacy.


1. A $2.00 entry fee for each class will be collected at time of registration.  Registration opens up at 6:30 pm.
2. A waiver will be signed prior to contestant competing.  Pendleton County Youth Fair accepts NO responsibility for anyone injured while trying to perform the events. 
3. Rules for each class will be discussed before competition with the opportunity for contestants to ask for clarification and understanding. 
4. Classes are subject to change with no warning.   
5. Participants will receive ribbons.
6. Awards:  $10/1st Place, $5/2nd Place, $3/3rd Place for each division.
7. Overall Division winners will receive a Trophy and Bragging Rights!
8. Participants are encouraged to write Thank You notes to sponsors.


1. Deadlift –Greatest number of reps within 1 minute wins. 
2. Tire Flip –Furthest distance within 1 minute wins.
3. Truck/Car Pull –Standing in one spot with a 60’ rope and pulling the vehicle toward you.  Furthest distance within 1 minute wins.
4. Hay Bale Toss –Furthest distance from line wins.
5. Farmer Carry – Packing 100 lb. feed sacks 60’, the most bags carried within 1 minute wins.