Open Western and Fun Horse Show

Friday, July 25, 2014 at 6:00 PM
Committee Member in Charge:  Theresa Emery (859) 472-1238


Entry Fee $4
Bareback Buck
Lead Line (riders 8 & under)
Egg and Spoon
Ribbon Race (2 riders)
Chin N’ Apple
Boot Race (horseless event)
Costume Class
Entry Fee $10 and 75% Payback
Open Western Showmanship
Open Western Horsemanship
Open Western Pleasure
Open Country Pleasure (flatshod gaited horses)
Open Western Trail


1. PCYF and others involved in show production are not responsible for accidents or loss of equipment.
2. Current negative Coggins and KY Health Certificate is required.
3. Registration booth opens at 5:00 PM. 
4. No refunds after contestant has entered a class unless the class is canceled or suspended by Show Committee.  No fee may be switched to another class.
5. No payback unless otherwise specified o show bill.  Ribbons and/or payback will be awarded on top 5 places.
6. Payback /purse for eligible classes will be split as follows – 35%/1st Place, 25%/2nd Place, 20%/3rd Place, 15%/4th Place, 5%/5th Place.
7. Classes are open to all ages.
8. Everyone must pay gate admission
9. Participants are encouraged to write Thank You notes to sponsors.


Sponsors:  Whaley Reality and Auctions, William J Verax, DMD, Hope Ridge Stable, Time Out Tavern