Open Pet Show

Monday, July 21 at 6:00 PM
Committee Member in Charge: 
Theresa Emery (859) 472-1238


P01. Largest Dog
P02. Smallest Dog
P03. Dog with the best trick
P04. Dog that has been adopted since last year’s fair
P05. Most Original Dog in Costume (17 years and under)
P06. Most Original Dog in Costume (18 years and older)
P07. Largest Cat
P08. Smallest Cat
P09. Cat with the best trick
P10. Cat that has been adopted since last year’s fair
P11. Most Original Cat in Costume (17 years and under)
P12. Most Original Cat in Costume (18 years and older)
P13. Best Livestock Pet (pig, goat, etc. –no horses)
P14. Ugliest Pet
P15. Most Unusual Pet
P16. Pet Most Resembling its Owner
P17. Frog Jumping Contest
P18. Turtle Race 


1. Pets will be judged on grooming and conformation as well as disposition.
2. Pets must be owned by exhibitors or a member of their family.
3. Classes P01,P02,P07, and P08 will be based on height and weight of animal.
4. All pets must be either on a leash or in a pet carrier prior to and after the judging of their class. 
5. Pets will not be judged on the Danish System.
6. Prizes will be awarded as $3/1st Place, $2/2nd Place, and $1/1st Place.
7. There will be no entry fee.
8. Any pets showing a desire to fight or viciousness will be disqualified and removed from the show area.
9. Frogs should be transported and kept until jumping time in a suitable closed container, properly bedded down with wet grass or suitable material.
10. Frogs will start their jumps from a designated starting circle.  Frogs will be judged for their total distance covered from center of starting circle in four consecutive jumps.  Owner may nudge frog to start first jump, but may not touch frog at any other time.  Five minutes allowed for each frog to make four jumps.
11. Any size turtle will qualify for the race.
12. All participants are encouraged to write Thank You notes to sponsors.


Sponsor:  Barnes Hardware and Southern States.