Open Class Needlework

Enter Monday, July 21, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
All items must be handmade.  Any item entered in previous years in 4-H or FFA are ineligible. 

Items must have been completed since last year’s fair.
Committee:  Carolyn Flaugher, Hilda Wright, Joyce Flaugher, Patty Fields, Tammy Ammerman


Premiums: $5.00  $4.00  $3.00
Ring number
N1. Best costume
N2. Best two piece outfit
N3. Coat
N4. Women’s dress
N5. Skirt
N6. Sportswear
N7. Blouse
N8. Formal
N9. Child’s dress
N10. Child’s garmet
N11. Cap or bonnet
N12. Purse
N13. Best decorated clothing (must make garment)
N14.  Sleepwear
N15. Curtains and/or window treatment
N16. Other window treatment (shades, etc.)
N17. Placemat or napkin set
N18. Other padded and soft sculpture item
N19. Any item made form men’s tie
N20. Totebag
N21. Apron
N22. Men’s garment
N23. Shorts

Premiums: $5.00  $4.00  $3.00
N24. Smocked article
N25. Tatting article
N26. Swedish weaving
N27. Embroidered picture
N28. Embroidered pillowcase
N29. Embroidered pillow
N30. Cutwork embroidery item
N31. Knitted infant item
N32. Knitted sweater
N33. Knitted apparel item
N34. Knitted afghan
N35. Knitted baby afghan
N36. Knitted pillow
N37. Knitted bedspread or tablecloth
N38. Other knitted article
N39. Crochet afghan – ripple stitch
N40. Crochet afghan – granny square
N41. Crochet afghan - other
N42. Crochet baby afghan
N43. Crochet sweater
N44. Crochet bed spread or tablecloth
N45. Crochet apparel item
N46. Crochet infant item
N47. Other crochet article
N48. Crochet pillow
N49. Crochet pillow
N50. Crochet centerpiece
N51. Latch hook pillow
N52. Tablecloth, any kind
N53. Quilted pillow
N54. Other quilted article
N55. Patchwork pillow
N56. Appliqué pillow
N57. Fusible appliqué article
N58. Victorian wall hanging
N59. Children’s needlework, item made by child under age 16
N60. Item made with yo-yo’s
N61. Miscellaneous
N62. Serger pieced item
N63. Checkered past table runner
N64. Spider web pillow
N65. Pillowcases
N66. Appliqué wall hanging
N67. Couch caddy
N68. Tissue caddy
N69. Infinity scarf
N70. Quilder’s caddy
N71. Table quilt

All quilts must be completed since last year’s fair. 
Premium: $15.00   $10.00  $8.00
Ring Number
N72. Quilt-patchwork
N73. Quilt-cathedral
N74. Quilt-cross stitch
N75. Quilt- appliqué
N76. Quilt- tied or knotted
N77. Quilt-antique, not required to be made by exhibitor
N78. Quilt-other
N79. Quilt top, made by child (under 19)
N80. Quilt top
N81. Quilt-crib
N82. Quilt in a day
N83. Quilt- first quilt, experienced quilters re ineligible
N84. Group quilt- made by 2 or more people
N85. Quilt machine quilted
N86. Whole cloth quilt
N87. Creative design – must be original, no kit or pattern (attach descriptive statement explaining the creation of the design)
N88. Mini quilt, premiums: $6.00  $5.00  $4.00

All items must be handmade except the items notated and completed after last year’s fair.  There is a division for both professional and amateur doll makers.
N89. Miscellaneous handmade rug
N90. Christmas ornaments (3 mounted on cardboard)
N91. Christmas stocking
N92. Christmas needle work wall hanging
N93. Christmas tree skirt
N94. Christmas angel
N95. Children’s handmade holiday item – children 9 years or younger
N96. Miscellaneous Christmas decoration
N97. Christmas wreath
N98. Christmas pillow
 N99. Holiday decoration (other than Christmas)
N100. Holiday centerpiece
N101. Pillowcase doll
N102. Porcelain doll - homemade
N103. Antique - not necessarily homemade
N104. Barbie doll and clothes - clothes must be homemade
N105. Stuffed toy - must be handmade
N106. Puppet - handmade
N107. Best dressed doll - handmade outfit/doll does not have to be handmade (include card description)
N108. Rag doll
N109. No sew blanket - adult
N110. No sew blanket - children 9 years or younger
N111. New sew other item - adult
N112. New sew other item - children 9 years or younger