Open Class Flowers

Enter Monday, July 21, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Committee: Loretta Simpson, Judie Lambert,
Wilma Wolfe, Phyllis Kelsch



1. Exhibitors of specimens must have grown own flowers in Pendleton County.
2. Flowers used in arrangements must be obtained from garden. No commercial flowers or artificial flowers permitted.
3. In both specimen and arrangement classes not more than one exhibit may be entered in any class by an exhibitor.
4. All entries must follow classes as listed in schedule.
5. Where there is only one exhibitor in a class, the first prize , if merited, will be awarded. Where there is competition, all prizes will be awarded as far as there are worthy entries. Where entries are not worthy of 1st prize, the judge or judges, may at their discretion award a prize of such grade as the entry deserves.
6. Containers for artistic arrangements must be marked on the bottom for identification. The committee cannot be responsible for personal property. Cut flowers must be displayed  in a plain glass container to be furnished by exhibitor (can be pop bottle).   
7. Any potted plant or floral arrangement entered in previous years is ineligible.


Premiums  $5.00     $4.00    $3.00                 


Ring Number   

H1. Begonia
H2. Cockscomb
H3. Dahlia (1)
H4. Daisies
H5. Geraniums
H6. Largest sunflower
H7. Marigolds (3)
H8. Petunias
H9. Philodendron
H10. SunflowerH11. Largest sunflower


H12. African Violet
H13. Hollyhocks
H14. Cactus
H15. Gladiola (2)
H16. Tiger lily
H17. Day lily
H18. Oriental/Asiatic lily


H19. Hybrid tea rose
H20. Floribunda rose
H21. Red rose
H22. Yellow rose
H23. Rose, any other
H24. Collection of roses (3 varieties)


Potted Plant
H25. Hanging Basket, any kind of flowering plant
H26. Hanging Basket, any kind of non-flowering plant
H27. Terrarium
H28. Herb wall-hanging
H29. Non-flowering potted plant
H30. Flowering potted plant

Cut Flowers
H31. Cut flowers, any other kind
H32. Cut flowers arrangements


Lone Plants
H33. An animal named plant (Zebra, Piggy Back, Shrimp, etc.)
H34.  A religious named plant (prayer, etc.)
H35. Unique named plant (string of pearls, lipstick, chenille, etc.)
H36.  Most unusual flower
H37.  Largest bloom