Open Class Field Crops 

Enter Monday, July 21, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Exhibits not considered eligible for entry because of deformity,

disease or improper classification may be rejected.
Premiums: $5 - $4 - $3


CORN - Shucked & labeled with variety & yield, previous crops
V77. Best 10 ears yellow hybrid (old)
V78. Best 10 ears white hybrid (old)
V79. Most perfect ear of hybrid corn (old)


HAY - 1/2 bales only, neatly tied & labeled (no full bales accepted.
V80. Alfalfa, 1st cutting
V81. Alfalfa, 2nd cutting
V82. Red clover, 1st cutting
V83. Red clover, 2nd cutting
V84.  Lespedeza
V85. Timothy
V86. Mixed Hay


V87. Tobacco, 1 stick of 5 stalks, green
V89. Best potted growing plant of burley tobacco


V90. Current year crop, 3 Stalks tied, with soil free roots intact,
V91. Previous year crop, 0.5 gallon in a container


V92. Best block Bluegrass Sod, 12” x 24” block