Open Class Crafts

Enter Monday, July 21, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
All items must be handmade except those notated.
All items must have been completed since last year's fair.

Premiums $5.00  $4.00  $3.00

Lot Number
Cl. Handmade Basket 
C2. Bible School Craft (children 9 years and under)
C3. Most unusual hobby (children 9 years and under) 5 items
C4. Most unusual hobby - 5 items
CS. Ceramics, underglazing
C6. Ceramics, glazing
C7 .Ceramics, staining
C8. Ceramics, overglaze
C9. Ceramics, misc., not covered above
C1O. Children's ceramic item (children 9 years and under)
Cl1. Best collection of miniature
Cl2. Best chair or stool with handmade seat (such as stuffed, woven, caned)
C13. Best refinished item of furniture
C14. Best child size refinished item (such as baby bed, cradle, high chair)
C15. Macramé article
C16. Craft made from natural material
C17. Craft made from natural material (9 years and under)
C18. Any craft made with tobacco or tobacco sticks
Cl9. Stenciled item
C20. Woodcraft item (children 9 years and under)
C21. Advanced woodcraft item (not from kit)
C22. Woodcraft item (not duplicating other classes)
C23. Jewelry (children 9 years and under)
C24. Fabric Wreath
C25. Machine Embroidered Item
C26. Any decorated sweatshirt (buttons, ribbons, lace, not duplicating other categories) 
C27. Painted sweatshirt
C28. Painted  or  decorated  sweatshirt  (children 9 years  and under)
C29. Appliqué sweatshirt
C30. Cross stitch sweatshirt
C31. Any decorated t-shirts
C32. Painted t-shirts
C33. Appliqué t-shirt
C34. Article made from bread dough art
C35. Carved wooden item
C36. Jewelry Item
C37. Any angel other than Christmas
C38. Misc. Craft Item
C39. Misc. Craft Item (Children 9 and under)
C40. Misc. Decorated Clothing Item other than T-shirts
C41. Misc. Wreath
C42. Scrapbook - Adult
C43. Scrapbook - (Children 9 and under)
C44. Greeting Cards or Invitations - Adult
C45. Greeting Cards of Invitations - (Children 9 and under)
C46. Homemade Soap
C47. Homemade Candles