FFA Floral Hall Entries

Enter Sunday, July 18, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Advisor: Jaimie Mann and Kelly Armour
Department will be judged on the Danish system

Sponsored by: Carlena Caldwell


Only students who are regularly enrolled in all day classes and those who are paid FFA members and have not been out of school for more than three years are eligible to compete (except in alumni class).

FFA1. Chapter Display- Best Display
Promoting FFA. Premiums- 1st- $20, 2nd-
$15, 3rd- $10
FFA2. Student Display - This category is for students to display their accomplishments and awards they have received in their work in the FFA. Posters, Trophies, Ribbons may all be displayed in a fashionable manner.

Premiums- 1st- $15, other entries- $5 each

Premiums - $3 - $2 - $1
FFA3. Alfalfa Hay (1/2 bale)
FFA4. Beans- any variety- 1 plate of 5
FFA5. Cabbage- 1 head
FFA6. Corn- 3 stalks
FFA7. Cucumbers- 1 plate of 5
FFA8. Largest fruit/vegetable
FFA9. Mixed Hay- Grass & Legume (1/2 bale)
FFA10. Onions-1 plate of 5
FFA11. Peppers- any variety- 1 plate of 5
FFA12. Potatoes-Red or White- 1 plate of 5
FFA13. Potted Tobacco Plant
FFA14. Red Clover Hay (1/2 bale)
FFA15. Soybeans: current year’s crop, 3
stalks tied, with soil free roots intact
FFA16. Soybeans: previous year’s crop, 0.5 gallon in a container
FFA17. Tobacco- 5 stalks of stick
FFA18. Tomatoes-any variety- 1 plate of 5
FFA19. Miscellaneous horticulture
FFA20. Miscellaneous vegetable- not listed

FFA21. Artificial Arrangement
FFA22. Live Arrangement
FFA23. Potted Plants (Any kind)

Premiums - $5 - $4 - $3
FFA24. Oldest dated FFA jacket
FFA25. Oldest dated FFA membership card
FFA26. Oldest FFA record book
FFA27. Oldest FFA trophy or plaque

Project Record Books
Premiums - $10 - $8 - $5

FFA28. Freshman SAE
FFA29. Sophomore SAE
FFA30. Junior SAE
FFA31. Senior SAE