Cooperative Extension Service

Centennial Celebration

Enter Monday, July 21 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


The Cooperative Extension Service Centennial Celebration is an open class to celebrate 100 years of the Cooperative Extension Service. The Pendleton County Cooperative Extension Service has served the people of Pendleton County since the first agent was hired in 1915. In honor of the agents, volunteers, and supporters, both past and present, we would like to celebrate our centennial year by having you share those special projects, awards, publications, or stories about how the Cooperative Extension Service has changed your life or helped with production.

To this day the Pendleton County Cooperative Extension Service serves this community through County Extension Agents in the following program areas; Agriculture & Natural Resources, Family & Consumer Science, and 4-H Youth Development.


Each entry must include the following completed form for eligibility.


Premiums - $10.00

EXT1. Oldest Hand Tool
EXT2. Most Unique Hand Tool 
EXT3. Oldest Extension Publication
EXT4. Best ANR Home Visit Photo/Story

EXT5. Oldest FCS Project
EXT6. Oldest Homemaker Award
EXT7. Oldest Extension Publication
EXT8. Best Homemaker Club/FCS Home Visit Photo/Story

EXT9. Oldest 4-H Project
EXT10. Most Unique 4-H Project 
EXT11. Oldest 4-H Record Book
EXT12. Best 4-H Club/Home Visit Photo/Story


Please fill out and print the following information and bring it with you on Monday, July 21 between 10AM and 1PM.