Coca-Cola Talent Contest

Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Committee Member in Charge:  Theresa Emery (859) 472-1238


1. All contestants must be at least 13 years of age and not more than 21 years of age as of August 1, 2014. This includes anyone assuming visual importance except piano accompanists.
2. This contest is not open to professionals. Professional is defined as anyone who is a union member, has a professional manager, booking agent or whose principal and supporting income is derived from performing.
3. Entries will be accepted in the following solo and group categories:

  • Vocal

  • Instrumental

  • Variety

  • Dance

  • Acrobatics/Gymnastics

4. Baton twirlers or similar acts using batons or machetes will not be accepted. No fire, smoke, or smoke effect will be allowed on the stage.
5. For contestants entered in any vocal category, accompaniment tracks with any background vocals are strictly prohibited. This includes recorded live and/or synthetically produced voices.
6. There must be no taps or tap effects on a taped recording used by a dancer.
7. In instrumental solo, the only accompaniment allowed is a live or taped acoustical piano. In piano solo, no accompaniment is allowed. In the use of electronic keyboard, the contestant must create all sound live on stage.
8. ANY ACT RUNNING MORE THAN 4 MINUTES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. An official timekeeper will be present. Timing begins with first word or note and ends with last word or note. This includes bows.
9. No teachers, parents or friends will be allowed on the stage during the fair.
10. Only one person other than those visible on the stage will be allowed backstage per act. This includes all parents, teachers and friends.
11. Contestants may make changes in their act (song, music, choreography) prior to the Kentucky State Fair as long as those changes DO NOT result in a change of categories.
12. The decision of the judges is final.
13. The contestant will be disqualified from the competition and forfeit any ribbons and prize money won up to that time for:
a. Any discourtesy to a judge or official of the Fair.
b. Any contestant, parent, teacher or friend who attempts to communicate with the judges before, during or after their adjudications.
All contestants, parents, teachers and friends are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the Pendleton County Youth Fair. Ribbons and premiums will be awarded.


All participants are encouraged to write Thank You notes to the sponsors. 


Sponsors:  Pendleton County Retired Teachers, Sharp Benefits-Health Insurance, Southern Elementary School, Daryl Ammerman, Rosenic Farms


Click here to register.  Mail $10 Registration Fee made payable to PCYF to Pendleton County Youth Fair, PO Box 64, Falmouth, KY  41040.