Clover Bud Projects

Danish System - $3 - $2 - $1
Sponsor:  After 5 Farms


The Clover Bud projects display is open to Pendleton County youth ages 8 and under (as of January 1 birthdate).  The projects must have been made by the child during the past year.  The Clover Bud display is to encourage youth to participate in the Pendleton County Youth Fair and to educate them in 4-H.
For each category (only 1 entry per category), awards are given to the champion winners. There will also be one award given for the Best Overall Clover Bud entry which will be added to the Clover Bud plaque hanging in the 4-H Office.


1. Arts & Crafts
2. Fruits & Vegetables
3. Photography
4. Flower/Plant
5. Woodworking
6. Weaving
7. Beadwork
8. Electric
9. Entomology
10. Novice Record Book