4-H/FFA Tractor Driving Competition

Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 3:00 PM
Committee Member in Charge:  Jaimie Antrobus (859) 743-9191


This competition allows students the opportunity to showcase their skills in quickly shifting through the gears both forwards and back. Students will be divided into two categories, junior and senior divisions, according to age. Students will drive a tractor through a uniform course, much like the one used at state 4-H and FFA competitions. The competition will be judged based on speed, accuracy, and completion.


1. Time will begin when front of tractor crosses the starting line.
2. No assistance will be allowed. Anyone giving assistance will disqualify the contestant.
3. All safety violations will be scored against the operator.
4. Judges will disqualify contestant for flagrant violations.
5. The contestant will stop and get off the tractor when the course is completed to the operator’s own satisfaction.
6. Time will end when the contestant gets off the tractor.
7.  Contestants are encouraged to write Thank You notes to sponsors.


Sponsors:  Pendleton County 4H Council and Bethel U-Store-It