4-H/FFA Rabbit Show

Thursday, July 24 at 5:30 PM
Committee Member in Charge: 
Monica Ammerman  (859) 462-2053
Sponsored by: Woodhead Funeral Homes and Memorials and Double L Farms


1. All exhibitors must check in at the Exhibitor Registration Table prior to entering the Exhibit Area.
2. Only open to Pendleton County 4-H/FFA members. Enter on Thursday at 4:30 pm. Judging will begin at 5:30 PM in the order of Best of Breed, Best Litter, Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show and other specialty shows. Owners MUST feed, water, and be responsible for waste management of rabbits. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own cages for their rabbits during show.

3. Exhibitors must be present at time of judging.
4. Entries may be removed after all classes have been judged.  Select animals may be placed on display in Floral Hall until the close of the Fair on Thursday night.
5. All exhibitors are encouraged to enter a Rabbit Record Book for judging in Cloverville. Exhibitor is required to fill out and enter a Rabbit Record Book if exhibitor will be selling a rabbit at the sale.
6. Health forms are not necessary, but animals showing symptoms of disease or illness will be quarantined and not allowed to show.
7. All rabbits are encouraged to be permanently marked (tattooed) in the left ear.
8. Exhibitors must show their own rabbits. Parents and leaders may not bring rabbits to the show table, with the exception of 4-H Cloverbuds.
9. Each rabbit is entered by breed. If more than 4 rabbits are in Class 4 or more than 6 rabbits in class 6 in each breed, they will then be broken down by their sex and the age of the breed, for Best of Breed. The Best of Breed for each breed will compete against each other for 4 Class and 6 Class Champions. These two rabbits are then judged for Best of Show.
10. Proper dress is required for showmanship.
11. Limit of two entries, per child, per breed (1 buck & 1 doe). Each child may enter one doe and litter to be judged for Best Litter. Limit of one entry per child for showmanship.
12. Youth, age 8 and under, may show as Novice (Cloverbuds). Ribbons will be awarded but no premiums will be given. Cloverbuds judged on the Danish System
13. Animals must be at Floral Hall 1 hour before show time to be registered and stalled. Animals will not be allowed to leave the barn after this point.
14. The Fair will not be held responsible for loss of any kind.


CLASS                                      1st               2nd       3rd
Sr. (15 years and older)    $3 & Medal        $2         $1
Int. (12-14 years old)         $3 & Medal        $2         $1
Jr. (9-11 years old)            $3 & Medal        $2         $1
Novice (5-8 years old )- Ribbon
Grand & Reserve Champion -  Trophy & Ribbon


COMMERCIAL 6 CLASS - New Zealand, Calfornian, Satin, and other large breeds    
CLASS                                            1st    2nd    3rd
Californian                                     $3      $2     $1
New Zealand                                 $3      $2     $1
Satin                                               $3      $2     $1
Silver Fox                                       $3      $2     $1
Other 6 Class Breed                      $3      $2     $1
Pet Rabbit, Mixed Breeds Only    $3      $2      $1
Doe & Litter, may not be shown

        in any other class                     $3      $2      $1
Best 6 Class Rabbit - ROSETTE


SPORTING BREEDS 4 CLASS- Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch, and other small breeds

CLASS                                           1st    2nd    3rd
Dutch                                             $3       $2       $1
Harlequin                                      $3       $2       $1
Holland Lop                                   $3      $2       $1
Mini Lop                                         $3      $2       $1
Mini Rex                                         $3      $2       $1
Other 4 Class Breed                     $3      $2       $1
Pet Rabbit, Mixed Breeds Only    $3      $2       $1

Doe & Litter, may not be shown

       in any other class
Best 4 Class Rabbit - ROSETTE


NOVELTY CLASSES (Open to any breed, one entry per class, per child. Rabbit can be entered in other classes.)

CLASS                      1st     2nd     3rd
Cutest Rabbit           $3       $2       $1
4-H Costume           $3       $2       $1
Novice Costume      $3       $2       $1


Market Class Additional Rules:
1. Market class is open to Pendleton County 4-H/FFA members who are between the ages of 9-18.
2. All rabbits must be born after April 1, 2014.
3. Rabbits must weigh a minimum of 4 (four) pounds to qualify for the show and sale.
4. All rabbits must have been weighed at weigh-in June 16, 2014 at the Pendleton County Extension Office at 5:30 pm. They will be tattooed at the weigh-in site.
5. Rabbits must be at the fairgrounds by 5:00 pm July 24, 2014 for weigh-out.
6. There will be no limit on the number of market rabbits an exhibitor may show. However each exhibitor may only sell one rabbit. Exhibitor may only sell rabbit if they are not selling another species at the Market Livestock Sale.
7. Rabbits will be shown by breed (4 per class is necessary. If there are not enough rabbits to qualify as a breed then they will be shown in “Other Purebred” class.) Rabbits not purebred will be shown together in Market Mixed Breed Class.
8. 4-H/FFA members must show their own rabbits, unless they have more than one rabbit in a market class, where they may elect to have another youth table the rabbit for them.
9. 4-H/FFA members may enter market class rabbits in showmanship class.