4-H/FFA Poultry Show

July 19, 2021
Enter at 4:30 pm
Show at 6:00 pm
Chairperson: Mary Ellen Miller; 859-468-2369
Sponsored By: H&R Block, Pendleton County FArm Bureau


1. All exhibitors must check in at the Exhibitor Registration Table prior to entering the Exhibit Area.
2. Only open to Pendleton County 4-H/FFA members. Check-In begins on Monday at 4:30 pm. Judging
will begin at 6:00 pm in the order of Class Champions, Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, and other
specialty shows.
3. Exhibitors must be present at time of judging.
4. Entries may be removed after all classes have been judged. All exhibitors are encouraged to enter a
Poultry Record Book for judging in Cloverville.
5. Health forms are not required, only healthy birds will be entered. If your birds are from a tested NPIP
flock, please bring your certificate with you to bypass testing requirement. Please arrive early if your birds
require testing.
6. All entries shall consist of a single specimen.
7. Proper dress is required for showmanship. Appropriate dress is long pants, hard-soled shoes or boots,
and appropriate shirts. Lab coats are encouraged but not required.
8. Exhibitors limited to 2 entries per breed, per class. Where there is only (1) one exhibitor in a class, 1st
place will be awarded on merit.
9. Animals must be at the Livestock Barn 1 hour before show time to be registered. Animals will not be
allowed to leave the barn after this point.
10. The Fair will not be held responsible for loss of any kind.
11. All birds must contain some form of ID (wing or foot bands, toe punching, etc.)
12. Any class with more than 3 entries will be broken down by variety and/or sex

Danish/Awards: Blue: $15, Red: $10, White $5
Grand & Reserve Champion Showmanship will win a belt buckle

RP 05 Sr. Showmanship (15 years and older)
RP 06 Int. Showmanship (12-14 years old)
RP 07 Jr. Showmanship (9-11 years old)
RP 08 Novice Showmanship (5-8 years old)

BREED CLASSES - All poultry will follow class breakdowns per American Poultry Association (APA).
Premiums/Awards: Class Winners: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3

Champion Large Fowl, Champion Bantam, Champion Waterfowl and Champion Other Fowl will be
awarded trophies. Best in Show and Reserve in Show will be awarded a banner.

Large Chickens:
RP 09 American
RP 10 Asiatic
RP 11 English
RP 12 Mediterranean
RP 13 Continental
RP 14 Other Standard Breed

RP 15 Clean Legged
RP 16 Feather Legged
RP 17 Duck- Drake
RP 18 Duck- Hen
RP 19 Goose- Gander
RP 20 Goose- Hen

Other Fowl:
RP 21 Pigeon
RP 22 Turkey
RP 23 Dove
RP 24 Misc.

Danish/Awards: Blue: $15, Red: $10, White $5.
Champion LF, bantam, waterfowl, & other will
receive rosettes, BIS & RIS will win trophies.

• Open to all youth of Pendleton County; ages 8 years old and younger.
• Will begin at 6pm prior to the 4-H division.
• Classes will be broken down the same as the 4-H show.