4-H/FFA Market Livestock Shows and Sale
General Rules

Chairs of Livestock Committee: 
FFA Advisor Jaimie Antrobus (859) 743-9191,
4-H Advisor Shelley Meyer (859) 654-3395
CERTIFIED LIVESTOCK LEADERS:   Nancy Adams, Barbie Lemming, Brandon Ross, Josh Tackett


1. Show and sale open to 4-H and FFA members in Pendleton County only.  Members must show as 4-H or FFA, no crossing.
2. Animals must be accompanied by Extension or Vo-Ag Instructor or accompanied by written state of eligibility.
3. Members may show as many animals as they wish.  Only one (1) animal per member may sell; members must show the species they are selling in the market show.
4. All animals must be broke to show and must be shown by member unless in the case of illness, more than one animal in a class or a conflicting 4-H or FFA event, then animal may be shown by another Pendleton County 4H or FFA member.  This is subject to 4-H or FFA advisor approval. 
5. Animals will be weighed as unloaded with presentation of a valid Health Certificate.
6. All exhibitors MUST participate in “Tear-Down” at the Pendleton County Fair at 1:00pm on July 27, 2014.  Assistance with set-up is needed as well, for those who can help.
7. Pendleton County Youth Fair will provide a night watchman.
8. All exhibitors must indicate at weigh out the animal they intend to sell.  Exhibitors will have up to 30 minutes after the conclusion of their show to change the animal they wish to sell.
9. Exhibitors must declare at weigh out which species they want to represent in Round Robin if showing more than one species – all species they are showing in order of preference will be declared for Round Robin.
10. Only exhibitors, ring master, and judge will be allowed in the show ring during Market Livestock shows.
11. Prior to all livestock shows only the animals who are showing will be allowed to be moved from their pens to the wash pad or other areas.   All other animals must be properly secured in their respective areas.   SALE ANIMALS ARE NOT TO LEAVE FAIRGROUNDS FOLLOWING LIVESTOCK SHOW.            
12. All grooming rules are in compliance with the KY State Fair guidelines.
13. Local leaders must be identified by the local 4-H Agent and/or FFA Advisor in a list submitted to their respective organization.  A leader’s service must be available to all members in a club, chapter or county.
14. Animals will be shown by weight/not breed.  Weight division for classes will be determined by Show Officials.  4-H/FFA animals will show together in conformation classes.
15. If animals do not meet weight requirement, they will be able to show in weight class but not eligible for sale.
16. There will be a Rate of Gain class.  Animals must have participated at the official weigh-in site for their species.
17. All classes will be judged on the Danish System.  A Champion and Reserve Champion in each class and an Overall Champion and Overall Reserve Champion will be selected. 
18. Best Bred and Owned will be selected from class results.
19. PENDLETON PROUD – Awards will be given to Producer and Youth exhibiting an animal purchased from a Pendleton County Livestock Producer and born in Pendleton County.
20. In each species there will be a 4-H and FFA Novice showmanship class for first year exhibitors in respective species.  Showmanship divisions will be:  Novice, Junior, and Senior for 4-H and FFA.  An overall Supreme Champion Showman and overall Reserve Supreme Champion Showman will be selected for each species.   Showmanship is mandatory.
21. Round Robin Showmanship Class will be held on night of sale.  First place winners in each species will participate.   If youth wins more than one species, youth will represent the species selected at weigh out.  Reserve Champion will then move up to show in Round Robin.  If both Champion and Reserve Champion have qualified for Round Robin, all other reserve champion names will be placed in hat and one name drawn.  Winner will receive “traveling” trophy, belt buckle and $50.00.   Reserve Champion will receive $25.00.
22. 4-H and FFA members must submit completed project record book (from weigh-in to county fair) on or before July 21, 2014 at noon to be eligible to show, sell or have animal/animals on fairground.
23. Animals will be the responsibility of the buyer at the confirmation of final bid.
24. There will be no resale of animals.
25. All members must also attend 6 hours of educational meetings prior to weigh in of their respective species. 
26. Appropriate dress is required for shows and sale.  Appropriate dress is long pants, hard soled shoes or boots, appropriate shirts or an official t-shirt of the project group.
27. Exhibitor will be responsible for charge (approximately $4.00) at weigh-in for KUIP tagging.  Upon loss of KUIP tag exhibitor must immediately contact either the 4-H Agent or FFA Advisor.
28. All lambs and goats must have valid scrapie tag/identification. 
29. Each exhibitor will be provided with up to two photographs to give buyers.  Additional photographs may be purchased if youth has more than two buyers.
30. 2014 – Exhibitors will be responsible for delivering buyer flyers to their potential buyers.  Buyers will need to RSVP their attendance to the Pendleton County Extension Office by the date provided in the flyer.  Everyone will be charged at the gate of the fairgrounds.  Buyers will need to report to the announcer stand in the show barn to redeem a meal ticket (plus 1) to partake in the Buyer’s Meal.  Anyone who buys or adds-on to an animal during the Youth Livestock Show and Sale will be reimbursed their gate fee (plus 1) at pay-out.
31. There will be no charge to exhibitor for Buyer’s Meal – Sponsored by the Pendleton County Chamber of Commerce.   Please send Chamber thank you note.  Only exhibitor will be allowed to eat with buyers at the Buyer’s Meal and can obtain their meal ticket at the announcer stand. Each exhibitor will also be responsible for providing a dessert to serve the buyers during the Buyer’s Meal.
32. All sale participants are required to turn in a written thank you letter (letters) when you pick up your buyer’s picture after August 1.  Pictures will have a voucher (sign-off) receipt.  The exhibitor will have their buyer sign the receipt when they deliver their picture.   Exhibitor will then receive their check when receipt with buyer’s signature is returned to the Extension Office.   Pictures must be picked up from the Extension Office no later than August 29, 2014. 
33. Eligibility for FFA Members will follow national guidelines until high school graduation.  Upon graduation from high school students pursuing full-time, post-secondary education will be allowed to show in the four fairs past high school graduation and must be a member in good standing with Pendleton County FFA (paid membership).
34. All award winners are asked to send a “Thank You” note to sponsors.
35. Under the 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Rules and Regulations, it is stated that the animal being exhibited must be in the possession and continuous care where youth provides the majority of care for the animal by June 1, 2014.  EXCEPTION:   Market Steers/Heifers must have been in the possession and under the continuous care of the exhibitor by March 1, 2014.  Care for the animal would consist of but not limited to:  daily feeding, halter breaking, grooming, and practicing for the show, health and other activities as desired.
36. The Youth Livestock Advisory Committee, FFA Advisor, and County Extension Agent for 4-H/Youth Development reserve the right to make project visits without prior notice.
37. All livestock exhibitors will be required to take a Skill-A-Thon test administered by Livestock Leaders.  Exhibitors must score 50% or higher to be eligible for awards from Skill-A-Thon, winners will receive $25.00. 
A. All protests must be made in writing, plainly stating the reason for the protest or appeal and must be filed with the Chairman of the Pendleton County Youth Fair, FFA Advisor or 4-H Agent within 24 hours of the species specific show..  All protest must be accompanied by a $100.00 cash deposit which will be forfeited if the complaint is not sustained.
B. All protests will be considered at a time set by the Pendleton County Youth Fair Executive Committee and the interested parties will be notified and given the opportunity to submit evidence.
C. In addition to the right of protest herein guaranteed to interested parties, the Pendleton County Youth Fair Executive Committee expressly reserves the right to take cognizance of fraud, which may have been consummated or attempted, and to take such action as may be deemed just and proper.
39. All State 4-H/FFA Livestock requirements not listed will be included.   All State Laws for animal health are included.
40. In case of emergency, if you are unable to be at the fairgrounds prior to your species weigh-out, contact 4-H/FFA advisor or livestock leader prior to weigh-out start time for permission to arrive late.