4-H Geology

Premiums- $3 - $2 - $1


1. See General Rules applying to all 4-H exhibitors and general rules applying to all exhibits other than livestock listed previously in this catalog.
2. Only one entry per 4-H member permitted in Geology.
3. Only one entry per county per project year.
4. 4LO-11S0 Identification Card should be securely attached to the lower right hand corner of the front of the box.
5. Display boxes must be no less than 16" no more than 20" vertically and no less than 22" no more than 24" horizontally.
6. All boxes must have Plexiglas cover that can be easily removed for judging.
7. EACH exhibit must be Secured with a lock.  Attach a key to box with your name and county firmly attached to key.  Key will be returned to 4-H agent.  Keep another key in case key is misplaced.
8. Hinges and Locks:  Make flush or mount on sides or top of boxes so boxes will sit level.
9. Fabric:  If fabric is used, use a fabric glue to adhere entire piece of fabric to box.  Suggested fabrics are felt or velveteen. 
10. Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils:  Should be firmly attached to the box, and should be numbered to correspond with the number on the Geology Identification Labels. (4DB-01SO)
11. Boxes will be displayed on their side, not flat.  Therefore, larger specimens must be attached near the lower portion of the box.
12. Geology Identification Labels (4DB-01SO) available from the County Extension Agent for 4-H or 4-H website. These are the only labels acceptable. 
13. Exhibits will be disqualified for class champion if:
a. Box does not fit in the size stated in rule 5
b. Box contains too few or too many specimens
c. Box does not have a Plexiglas cover that can be opened
d. Labels not correctly filled out.
e. Specimen is mounted jewelry
f. Specimen is mounted and polished
g. Specimen and label are not numbered
h. Specimens are not arranged in numerical order
i.  Duplicate specimens are used to reach minimum number
14. The following score card will be used to judge geology exhibits:
a.  Correct identification and labeling - 5 points for each specimen
b.  Neatness, arrangements, background - 20 points for total exhibit
15. Class champion will be selected in each class with a Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion selected from Class Champions.
16. 4-H'ers entering fifth year and up cannot enter the same exhibit that has been judged in any previous State Fair.


Classes are: 
* For each of the classes, specimens may consist of rocks, minerals, and or fossils. There is a separate label for rocks, minerals , and or fossils (three different labels).
715  First year geology - consisting of 15 different specimens.
716  Second year Geology - consisting of 25 different specimens (up to 12 may be from previous project year) (no more than 2 boxes)
717  Third Year Geology - consisting of 35 different specimens (up to 17 may be from previous project year) (no more than 2 boxes)
718  Fourth Year Geology - consisting of 50 different specimens (up to 25 may be from previous project year) (no more than 2 boxes)
719  Special collection for fifth year or more members - creative, advanced display of member's choosing which depicts a geological process, theme, story, or manufacturing process.  Posters, notebooks and written narratives may be included.