4-H Foods Exhibits

Premiums- $3 - $2 - $1


1. There are 18 classes in the Foods Division (Classes 841—858). A county may submit one entry per class.  A member may enter up to 3 classes but all three must be within the same level in the Foods Division.  (This means: a member’s name could appear up to 3 times on the county’s Foods Division invoice sheet AND all must be within the same level.)
2. See General Rules applying to all 4-H exhibitors and general rules applying to all 4-H exhibits except livestock previously listed in this catalog.
3. Entries are to be made using recipes specified in the class description.  Recipes can be found in the Fantastic Foods project book series available at the county Extension office or at www.Kentucky4-H.org, click on “State Fair”, then scroll down to 4-H State Fair Recipes or at: http://4-h.ca.uky.edu/family-consumer-science/food-nutrition. Click on 2014 4-H Fair Recipes. 
4. Traditionally, many baked exhibits have been made up of 4 pieces.  Beginning with the 2012 fairs, that number was reduced to three (3) pieces in order to reduce waste.  Exhibits will not be disqualified if four (4) pieces are included.
5. Wrap baked products in a re-closeable zip-type bag to maintain freshness. Place the baked product on a disposable plate.  The plate can be placed inside the bag or under the bag; the idea is to keep the product from being damaged.  Use of plastic film or aluminum foil to wrap product is discouraged but will not cause the product to be disqualified. To prevent damage, wrapped cakes should be transported in a sturdy container such as a cardboard box.  Containers, pie pans, etc. will NOT be returned to the exhibitor.  
6. Use label (4LO-11SO). Fill out and attach the label securely to the outside wrapper of each food entry.
7. The decision of the judges is final.
8. One class champion will be named in each class. One overall grand and one reserve champion will be named from among the class champions.
9. 4-H food entries will be divided into the following levels and classes:


Level A:  Use recipes in Six Easy Bites Project Book:
841 Three Colossal Cookies (pg.34) (size of cookies: cookies may be ¼ cup portions as specified in the recipe or 1/8 cup portions which produce smaller cookies) (nuts may be left out)
842 Three brownies using recipe on p.22 (make each brownie a 2” square--no corner pieces)
843 Three chocolate chip muffins (pg. 36) (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org under “State Fair Recipes.”)
844 Three granola bars (pg.14) approximate size: 1” X 2”
845 Three cornmeal muffins (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org under “State Fair Recipes”)


Level B:  Use recipes in Tasty Tidbits Project Book:
846  One 8” round layer chocolate cake, made with oil, no icing (pg.32)
847  Three pretzels (may be rolled, twisted, or curved) (pg.34)
848  Three rolled baking powder biscuits (pg.38) (Do not use the Australian biscuit recipe.) (Use of a 2” cutter is preferred.)
849  Three scones--may substitute raisins for cranberries (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org under “State Fair Recipes.”)
850 Three whole wheat muffins or bran muffins (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org under “State Fair Recipes.”


Level C: Use recipes in You’re the Chef Project Book:
851 One-half loaf banana bread (pg.18)
852 One yeast bread product creatively shaped into an object such as a teddy bear, flower, animal, toy, etc. (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org under “State Fair Recipes”)
853 Three breadsticks (not twisted) (pg. 34)
854 Three whole wheat yeast rolls (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org under “State Fair Recipes.”


Level D:  Use recipes in Foodworks Project Book or recipe specified below:
855 One whole, double crust apple pie (pg.32) (Leave pie in the disposable pie pan and place all in a zip-type plastic bag.)
856 One-half apple cake (use recipe at www.Kentucky4-H.org, under “State Fair Recipes”) 
857 Catered Dish: Prepare one dish which can be included in the menu for an event or occasion you plan to cater (pg. 46-47, Level D: Foodworks project book).  Select a product which can be prepared in advance and does not require refrigeration.  For the fair, prepare a sample of the product (2 servings is enough) and place it in a re-closeable, zip-type bag.  Attach the recipe used, a description of the type of occasion being catered, and a menu of all foods to be served at the event.  Write this information on 8.5” X 11” paper and attach it to the sample.
858 Brownie Experiment: Exhibit is made up of three parts: 1) two brownies using the original recipe, 2) two brownies altered to make a healthier product, and 3) comparison report: (use the recipes at www.Kentucky4-H.org, under “State Fair Recipes”) Make one batch of brownies using the original recipe.  Make a second batch of brownies using one of the altered recipes. Make brownies 2” squares. Label the bag of brownies made by the original recipe as “Original” and the bag of those made from the altered recipe as “Altered—Moderate Fat” or “Altered—Low Fat.”  Use the Altered Brownie Comparison Report to analyze the brownies. Report form is available at http://www2.ca.uky.edu/4-h/family-consumer-science/food-nutrition  or ask county 4-H agent for a copy.  Place the two bags of brownies into a larger re-closeable bag, insert the comparison report and close the bag.