Division 6021
4-H Electric

Premiums- $3 - $2 - $1


1. See General Rules applying to all 4-H exhibitors and general rules applying to all 4-H exhibits other than livestock.
2. Exhibits must be made according to the instructions in the 4-H project book.
3. One exhibit per county per class. Exhibitor is limited to one entry per division.
4. All exhibits requiring bulbs must have the correct size.
5. Use of molded plug-ins is discouraged.
6. No cord that has been bought in a store and later repaired may be entered.
7. Effective strain relief should be provided for all wire to terminal connections.  Knots, clamps, connectors, or staples are acceptable when used appropriately.
8. A class champion will be selected for each individual class and one overall winner will be selected
9. 4-H electric exhibits will be divided into the following classes:

FUNDAMENTALS  (DC Power, Units 1 & 2)
645 Battery powered series and parallel circuits
646 Electric Games
647 Electromagnetic circuits
648 DC motor

WIRING (AC power, Unit 3)
649 Electric extension cord - (3 wire), heavy duty outdoor (GFCI outlet acceptable)
650 Wiring diagram for home and/or farmstead
651 Wiring Display - actual wiring for a specific unit

LIGHTING (not covered in new material)
652  “Pop can” lamp kits
653  Table, desk, vanity, or floor lamps (any purpose -kits only)
654  Pin Up lamp (kit or original design)
655  Table, desk, vanity, or floor lamps (any purpose - original design only)

656  Solar electric cell applications
657  Basic electronic circuits with solid-state components (from kits).
658  Basic electronic circuits with solid-state components (original circuit design).

659 Electrical safety or energy conservation posters